New Freight professionals, a leading logistics provider.

New  Freight professionals is a leading logistics provider.

Intelligent logistics - what does this mean?

It means that we draw on years of experience, state-of-the-art information
technologies, and daily cooperation between large numbers of highly motivated
 people from a variety of countries and cultures.

Freight Professionals uses this know - how to set trends in the industry.

 Worldwide capabilities, creative solutions, and a total commitment to customer
 satisfaction is what today's global economy demands for success — from your
business and from your international logistics provider.

You need to know they are as ingenious as you are in finding innovative
and efficient  methods of keeping your supply chain under control.

We partner with our clients to provide "customer centric" transport logistics solutions.

We don't inform you of our schedule and the way we do things, you inform us of yours.
From there we look for further efficiencies to serve your customers and your company.
At New  Freight professionals our logistic options and capabilities are virtually unlimited.

New Freight professionals is a global company that offers services via the three
modes  of transportation air, land and sea and combinations thereof. As an NVOCC.

We have  cost effective rates through volume buying power.

Along with our worldwide network of agents, we provide fully integrated global
logistics  solutions and  services including customs brokerage, warehousing,
distribution and inventory management.

We also provide expert assistance with letters of credit, cargo insurance, permits
and  regulatory documentation.

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Address: 46 Al Moltaka El Araby , Sheraton , Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel.: +202 22696501             
Fax: +202 22682521
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Emirate office:
Freight Professionals FZC
PoBox 120536
Shajah, UAE