Safina Shipping Services









Safina shipping services represents the interests and serves the needs of many principals, consequently attending to over 120 various kinds of vessels and ships annually through out 11 ports and terminals as well as the Suez Canal. In order to guarantee the highest level and quality of service, Safina links with select local and international partners to provide various shipping services to liner container vessels, liner/tramps, and other vessels (tanker, bulk, cargo, cruise, etc).

We are committed to the establishment of long term partnerships based on ethical, reliable and superior service, Safina Shipping Services strive to provide multipurpose vessels and other business partners with a full range of customized, high quality and timely shipping services.  

Safina Shipping Services believes in getting things done the right way, at the right time. To this end, Safina integrates its various services and operations in such a way as to focus on meeting customer needs and company objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Continuous improvement of operations and delivery of services at Safina Shipping Services is executed through incorporation of experience and knowledge.

Our Activities:

  • Suez Canal transit Services.
  • Port Calls & Services.
  • Protective & Husbandry agent Services.
  • Technical Maintenance and repairs.
  • Technical surveys.
  • Vessel chartering and brokerage.
  • Logistics & Forwarding Services.
  • Crew repatriation Services.
  • Parcels & Spare parts clearance and delivery.
  • Bunker Supply,
  • Fresh water supply.
  • Ship chandlery Services.
  • Cash To Master “CTM”.


Cairo Main Office:

Plot (45b), 4th floor – North 90 street

5th settlement – New Cairo – Egypt

Tel: +2026142876/7/8 

Fax: +2026142883

Adabiya Port (Suez):

Address: Adabiya Port, Suez.

Tel: +2062 3230600

Fax: +2062 3230214

Port Tawfik (Suez):

Address: 68 Elgaish Street, Didy BLD., 3rd Floor, Port Tawfik, Suez.

Tel: +2062 3198980

Fax: +2062 3198979

Sokhna Port Office:

Address: Sokhna Port

Tel: +2062 3198980

Fax: +2062 3198979

Damietta Office:

Address: Damietta Port, Beside Damietta Containers & Cargo Handling Co., 2nd Floor.

Tel: +2057 2292184

Fax: +2057 2292184

Port Said Branch:

Address: El Nahada St. Freepore Building - 4th Floor - Office No. 27 - Port Said.

Tel: +2066 3349143

Fax: +2066 3349143

Alexandria Branch:

Address: 95, 26 of July Avenue El-Selsela Tower, El Azarita, El Attareen, Alexandria.

Tel: +203 4868428

Fax: +203 4863793